Allocate all your points to resource your Local Police

You've used all your resources!!

Emergency and Priority Response
Emergency Calls - Crimes in Action & Offences against the person (Assaults, Robbery, Possession of weapons etc.)
Priority Calls - Volume Crime (Thefts, Criminal Damage, Alcohol Crime)
Road Traffic Offences (Road Traffic Collisions, Speeding, Drink Driving)

Community Policing
Neighbourhood Policing and Patrols
Anti-Social Behaviour
Priority Offenders
Policing Events (Parades, NW200, Sporting Events, Music Events/ Balmoral Show)
Education (Media, Schools, Road Safety, Public Messages) & Crime Prevention

Protecting Vulnerable Persons
Domestic Incidents (Rape, Assaults, Domestic Abuse)
Child Abuse & Protection
Vulnerable Person Crimes (Scams/ Child Sexual Exploitation/ Blackmail/ Hate Crime)
Missing Person Investigations
Mental Health Incidents

Serious & Organised Crime
Drugs related Reports and Crimes
Terrorism/ Paramilitary Disruption & Investigation
Cyber Crime & Fraud
Burglary & Rogue Traders
Homicide (includes ‘corporate manslaughter’, ‘murder’, ‘manslaughter’ and ‘infanticide’)

Criminal Justice Investigations
Custody and Prisoner Processing
File Preparation & PPS Liaison
Summons and Warrants
Legacy Investigations

Frontline Support Roles
Call Management (Dispatchers/ Call Handlers)
Frontline Support (Telephone Resolution, Victim Updates)

Charge for Services
Charge to Police Events