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NIPB and PSNI Public Consultation Prioritisation Simulator

The Northern Ireland Policing Board and the Police Service of Northern Ireland would like to thank you for your participation.

The key driver for future success is the confidence you have in us as a Police Service. This is why we needed you, the community, to give your views on the future of Local Policing in Northern Ireland.

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Community confidence in the Police Service of Northern Ireland is currently at record highs, with reported crime down 33% across the last ten years.  However, like all other police services, and indeed all other public services, PSNI are facing some significant challenges. Within the PSNI these challenges revolve around the changing nature of demand through increases in cyber-crime, child sexual exploitation, sexual offending and vulnerability.  Whilst demand has changed, the resource available to meet new and existing challenges is reducing.  In the past 10 years the policing budget has been reduced by 40% and the number of staff and police officers has decreased by 20%.

To maintain their policing purpose PSNI have to think differently about how they work both inside and outside the organisation.  They must consider new ways of working that will reduce demand and provide better outcomes for their community.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland has changed in response of similar challenges in the past; however the sheer scale of current and future challenges means that how frontline policing is delivered now will likely be no longer fit for purpose in the future.  The Police Service of Northern Ireland wants to be in a position in which their frontline policing model meets the challenges of the future and continues to effectively keep people safe by continuing to Police with the Community.